Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Sister

My dad and Emily circa December 2009.
Blurry, but I think it's adorable.

Tomorrow is my little sister, Emily's 9th birthday. She's going to be in the 4th grade in the fall. Time is FLYING by. In honor of her birth, I've took the time to learn Happy Birthday on the ukulele and made her a necklace with a matching bracelet.

Making her jewelry has made me want to reestablish my earlier goal of starting an Etsy shop. I went thrift shopping the other day and passed up sooo many good finds. Because they didn't fit right. But I knew they would sell. I've been kicking myself for 2 days.

I'm pretty freakin' stoked to be visiting home this weekend. I haven't seen my parents and my sister in about a month, which is beyond horrible. I also get to see the little kittens my cat birthed. :) Excitement filled weekend!

Sunday I have my first Sweeney Todd meeting. I'm the new costumer and 2 other people graciously offered to assist. :) My life has been looking up lately. More news next week.

Edit: My obsessions are getting out of control.
  • New obscure indie music; my iPod is at it's limit and I've had to take others off that I love.
  • The blogs I follow; the amount is getting out of control. But there are just so many amazing bloggers out there that promote others. I fall in love instantly. I'm currently following 17 blogs. Do you have any idea how long it takes me to get through my blog-readings everyday?I'm not complaining, I just need to tone it down a bit. :P
  • My new love for my mother's Apricot Preserves. I'm running!
  • LOST. It's been over for 2 months and I'm still obsessed.
  • My ukulele; I've been playing it nonstop. Homework has been put on the backburner until I play at least 2 hours a day.
  • Tim. Yup. I wouldn't really call it an obsession, though. Just a massive crush and I love that he calls me everyday. Even when he's rocking out on his guitar, just woke up, or on his way to work. I'm just waiting for the day when all this ends and he rips my heart out. But at the moment, I don't care.


Booyah said...

Okay, on your previous post re: roommates that are loud and awful while you are trying to study, GIRL. I am SO sorry for you. :(

And on this post, share the love with the music! But before you go any farther, you DO listen to Neutral Milk Hotel, yes? Because if you don't, go buy In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. That album changed my life. You have to listen to it all the way through, three times. The first when you get it. The second a few weeks after that. And the third about a month after the second. (This is if you don't love it immediately. But it's meant to be listened to in its entirety. Because it is a masterpiece.)

Is Tim the sad-ish boy? Does it bug you that a complete stranger is now all up in your business? Because I am SO curious!

Thanks for the love on my blog! I've added you to my reader feed and look forward to more of your words!