Saturday, July 24, 2010


I know that I've been negligent of yet another blog, but I've been super busy and need to get used to posting all the time. I'm still trying to find my niche, but in the meantime...I'm just having fun :) I'll be a better mother to my baby. I'm even trying to design a new...whatever. And..AND I must say that I was extremely giddy to see that one of my favorite bloggers commented on my last post. AWESOME...hi Booyah!

Since my last post, so many things have fallen into place which makes me an extremely happy camper. Cosmetology starts September 13th. I signed a lease for a new (cheap but cozy) apartment where I only have 1 roommate. 1 roommate! And she's awesome! The apartment isn't furnished at all, which means I get to decorate how I want...which makes me ecstatic!

But of course there has to be one sucky thing. Which is, you ask? lease at CB ends Aug. 2nd and my lease at TC starts the 16th. That leaves me 2 weeks...with nowhere to go. Well, I could go home or to my sister's for those two weeks, but this girl has responsibilities. Responsibilities that require me to be in Mt. (not so) Pleasant..I'll figure it out.

My first costuming meeting threw a couple of surprises at me. When I volunteered, I didn't realize I would be in charge of costumes AND set design. WHAT?! Apparently I didn't think I had enough on my plate. Those little snots in the chorus like to give me crap. "I don't want to be measured. This is stupid. I wear a size blah blah blah. I feel violated." Too bad.

But on the plus side, my father has finally come to terms that I'm not going to finish my fashion degree, but instead pursue my (real) dreams and get my assoc. in business. Also, my skills on the ukulele are improving much faster than I thought. Next, I'm getting a banjo. And a gee-tar. Maybe a harmonica. And become a one-woman band. Yup.

And Tim? Oh man oh man. That's a story for the next post. Hint: guilt, being spoiled, and unnecessary purchases.